PLASTIC – not so – FANTASTIC: A Sustainable Dance Performance with Plastic Bottles

Experience a mesmerizing dance performance with passionate dancers on high stilts, wearing illuminated dresses made of plastic bottles. PLASTIC – not so –  FANTASTIC raises awareness about plastic waste and sustainability.

Impressive performance

We live on planet Plastic! And if we didn’t know better, it would be fantastic!
Almost as fantastic as our two dancers! For they are attractive and impressive. With their aesthetic movements and dances, they invite us to touch them. Only to push us off with a quick turn. Nevertheless they sincerely want to communicate with us. This creates a fascinating game of give and take between the dancers and their audience.

Contributing to sustainability

It shows why we are so addicted to plastic. It is a passionate reminder of the plastic we deal with every day. For it is fantastic and disastrous at the same time. And it is precious. Way too precious to just carelessly throw it away.


  • Duo – Dancing Duo on high stilts with choreographic movements and music.
  • Duration: 3 x 30 min or 2 x 45 min within 4 hours, break between sets at least 45 min, parade 1.5 hours

PLASTIC –not so– FANTASTIC on your event or festival?


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Small addition to the subject of plastic

Plastic is indispensable in our lives, we need it and science agrees: it will stay that way. It is a beautiful material usable in all directions.
But what do we do with it when we are finished using it? It doesn’t break and it’s everywhere. One of the types of plastic that we can very well do without is our good old plastic bottle. Here you can make very conscious decisions.