The first truly environmentally friendly and 100% green entertainment in the Netherlands

Necessity is the Mother of Invention’ said Albert Einstein. And born of pure necessity the Re-Cyclists radiate in unexpected beauty. Their spectacular costumes are made of what we carelessly discard.

With their infectiously swinging Recycle Song, the Re-Cyclists succeed every time in persuading children and their parents to take part in the cheerful Re-Cycle game. Whoever is the most fanatical is crowned Recycle-King, -Queen, -Prince or -Princess. Then the freshly crowned monarch takes his seat on his mobile throne and – with great amusement of the crowd- makes a victorious round over the festival grounds. The Re-Cyclists bring a lot of joy and leave your terrain cleaner than ever before. Whilst parading with their brand new king they prove with a lot of humor: recycling is fun!

The act consists of a parade with 2 stilt walkers, 1 actor/acrobat/dancer on the ground and a movable Recycle Throne, drawn by the stilt walkers. The tour is accompanied by swinging music and harmonic vocals. The conclusion is an interactive street theater act, in which the audience under great acclaim separates the waste collected during the parade. At the end of the act the audience chooses from their midst the new Recycle King. The act takes approx. 10 min. Possible in the languages ​​Dutch, German, English, French.

Why people like to see us at their event

  • We present a topical theme very in a contagious manner
  • We actively involve people in your event
  • We provide hilarity, play, dance and swinging music

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