The Luminous Angel Walk about

The Luminous Angel Walk about

“Where there is love there is light” 

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She lights your audience, your squares and buildings. Her wafer-thin wings spread wide, she moves timelessly and almost floating, like an…. angel! With a cheerful smile, she welcomes your guests and who finds himself unexpectedly under her wings will be surprised by her loving and joyful message.

The Angel’s dress is lit by more than ten meters of flexible LED light and is visible from afar. The light illuminates her tulle veil and wings, giving the impression that she is surrounded by glowing haze. An amazing and poetic image.

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 Why organisations like to work with us

  • The Angel gives a warm welcome to your guests and a very classy feel to every event
  • Her radiant light is visible from afar and serves as spectacular landmark for your event
  • With the surprising beauty of her elegant figure she puts a smile on everyone’s face

 The angel can be booked solo, duo or as a trio, in combination with a mobile sound system. At Christmas with Christmas repertoire.

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