Schna₭₭ – The Sparkling Giant

Schna₭₭ – The Sparkling Giant

“There is no change from darkness to light without emotion” C.G. Jung” – Known for the Light Festivals in Amsterdam and Berlin 

Schna₭₭ comes from Pluto and with radiant light and slapstick he conjures up laughter on every human face.

He is terribly curious about these humans and what drives them on their earth. He watches them carefully, imitates them and tries to understand their language and some of their habits. Of course, this regularly goes wrong and provides for hilarious situations. Especially the small versions of the people, indeed the children, inspire him! And this enthusiasm is mutual. Schna₭₭ would like to take them to his stellar home! He loves to talk to them in Plutonian and children like adults thank him with a cheerful dance.

Schna₭₭ was awarded the first performance prize at the 10th Performance in Paderborn.

Schna₭₭, the Sparkling Giant wears a suit adorned with hundreds of LED objects controlled by a small computer in the helmet of the giant. The lights are clinging to his suit like friendly little creatures.

A sparkling act with the WOW factor!

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Why organizers like to see us on their events

  • The Sparkling Giant is a very spectacular never seen before walk-act
  • It is a high-tech giant radiating enormous joy and playfulness. Young and old will be enchanted alike.
  • The Guide of Light gives a huge amount of light and can be seen from afar. Hundreds of LEDs and power LEDs provide this effect.

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De GUIDE OF LIGHT is een creatie van STILTLIFE en Spectro Productions ism Brian Reardon, Sponsored by Dutchband