Today for you in E-nspiration – relevant mobile StreeTTheater

Today for you in E-nspiration – relevant mobile StreeTTheater

Lentefestival Zeist – Presentation of awarenes raising StreeTTheater in the Netherlands 

Even before the official permiere of PLASTIC (not so) FNATASTIC we have received a lot of attention and requests for this production. Two dancers, passionately dancing on high stilts in illuminated dresses made of plastic bottles! In a fascinating interaction of attraction and rejection PLASTIC (not so) FANTASTIC shows your audience, why we are so addicted to plastic. It is a passionate reminder of the plastic we use every day and a very attractive walkact.

Originally designed for the Seacret presentation by Dopper – The Bottle is the Message – it will be presented in its full glory on April 5th, 2020 during the Lentefestival at Zeist Castle.

The Making Of  PLASTIC (not so) FANTASTIC – Sneak Preview

If you are curious where we play PLASTIC this year please check here with our tourdates

The second production is also very special but in a totally different way, DRUNK PUNCH LOVE is a visual comedy on stilts. Crazy, direct and super interactive with your audience. It is a production like life itself, sometimes ugly and yet so beautiful!

These two productions will have their premiere on 5 April during the Spring Festival at Slot Zeist. We have been selected to co-open the festival. If you do not want to miss this and participate for free in the generous opening, click here for the Spring Festival. This year with 100 artists, 40 shows and 15 premieres.We are very much looking forward to it!

With an excited smile,