New ways of artistic practice

New ways of artistic practice

Covid 19…

There has been a period of great insecurity and incredulity about the bizarre ways the world around us has changed in very rapid speed. And I noticed similar reactions with my fellow artists. At first we were awestruck, stunned, almost paralyzed. Some of us went on through the motions of creating, but our hearts were numbed.

We often only notice we are missing something when its is gone. It is endearing to see that there has been a wave of realization how much our artistic endeavors enrich peoples lives. And there is also a third party involveved The people who are helping us showing our art,who function as mediators between us and our audiences: the programmers, festival directors, the organizers in general. I also heard that organizers use this time of slowed down activity to tighten the bonds with the artists.

… and new ways of artistic practice…

The period of insecurity is long before over. In order to survive I realized that with STILTLIFE we need to do two things. We need to go on with our artistic practice and since we can not share it`s results, we need to share it’s process. Our questions, doubts and failures are just or even more important then our successes, which we obviously love to share. Being a rather private person I never did that before. Coming time, through this newsletter I will send you updates about our process with the new production we are working on right now DRUNK PUNCH LOVE.

…and sharing

For now I’d like to share with you our latest video short of PLASTIC (not so) FANTASTIC. Obviously we were able to give this much more time and attention than we usually would have. We would have toured this new production on quiet a few big festivals in Europe. Please do enjoy it as a little on-line compensation.

I hope there will be a reciprocity in sharing. If you wish to share in our process as an active audience, just like on the streets, please send me your remarks, thoughts criticisms and so on, by email, reaction on posts or even by telephone. I also hope this sharing helps us to stay inspired and to think even more about why and how our art is so important for the ever changing society we live in right now. Please help us by sharing your own thoughts and feelings.

Thank you so much!

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