Walkabout SNOW

Walkabout SNOW

What is winter without snow? Exactly. You don’t want to think about that. Do not despair! Our production SNOW – illuminated winter street theater – offers exactly what you need for a successful winter event.

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Gigantic Snowballs take you to the happy moments of your youth

The cosiness of a crackling fire under a wintry sky sparkling with stars. The cheerful mood during the Christmas season. The cozy scent of orange and cinnamon, which takes us to our childhood. But the most important thing is the solidarity with family and friends when the nights are the longest.

Photo’s: Maurice Boyer 

SNOW or the inside of a snowball

At first sight SNOW consists of three huge white balls. But wait until the giant snowballs come to life! First they spread an enchanting light on the square, then they begin to skip around in the best mood. They kindly invite all children to examine their inside. There they see a glittering starry sky and they are treated to the smell of oranges and cinnamon. Last but not least, the 3 balls find each other to form a huge snowman!

And then it happens: it is snowing!

SNOW illuminated winter street theater – Illuminations to enchant your audience

Technically, SNOW illuminated Winter Walkact – is equipped with the most modern light effects. Synchronised  LEDs on the 3 balls and controlled by a computer worn on the back, so that the lighting scenes work beautifully, individually but also spread over the three costumes. The right technique to enchant your audience!

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Mobile street theater SNOW

Intimate play on a square or parade with a trio. Two figures play on the ground on special spring shoes, a figure on high stilts. With fragrance accents, music and dance: 3 times 30 minutes or 2 times 45 minutes, parade maximum: 1.5 hours