Prometheus Fire Walk With Me  Fire & Pyro Performance

Prometheus Fire Walk With Me Fire & Pyro Performance

“Only the human heart in conflict with itself, is worth writing about.” George R.R. Martin

Do you remember Prometheus? Exactly, that’s the Greek hero that stole the fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind. Fire, the technological revolution that made man human. But the fire has its own will and Prometheus has to learn to control it before humanity can rejoice.

The fire and pyro show Prometheus describes what happens before Prometheus brings the fire to men. By the use of modern effects, costumes and technical possibilities we look deep into the heart of man. What we see is the classic struggle between good and evil – but with a surprising twist. Prometheus outsmarted the gods and brought fire to men. But like any technological innovation, fire has it’s life-giving and destructive sides. It’s up to Prometheus to master them both, a hellish struggle…

Reaction of the audience to the premiere at the Brückensensationen 2015 in Germany: “Goosebumps”.

The poetic and spectacular fire show Prometheus is about 20 minutes long and is suitable for a wide audience with medium-sized numbers.

Why Festivals like to work with us

  • Prometheus is a spectacular fire- and pyro-show of about 20 minutes, very suitable as highlight, opening or closure of your event
  • A visual and emotional story – language no problem – that touches your audience
  • Safety first! We only work with the best pyro-technicians, with years of experience of internationally working with festivals


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