New Prometheus Fire Walkabout Act Angels and Demons

New Prometheus Fire Walkabout Act Angels and Demons

“Only the human heart in conflict with itself, is worth writing about.” George R.R. Martin

An angel and a devil show us that man is not only good and not just bad. Angels and Demons is a fire walkabout act on high stilts. He rampages through your squares and streets like a rollercoaster of emotions with dazzlingly beautiful, never-before-seen images and costumes.

A fiery dance and a fascinating choreography of flapping wings spectacularly illuminated by hot fire. Accompanied by a threatening demon with a flamethrower. If it detonates it echoes a deep sound, you feel in your stomach. But after the shock immediately follows liberating laughter. The reaction of the audience: “Goosebumps”. – “Very beautiful and impressive.”

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