NARANJA Stilt- and Streettheater – Winner Award Best Walkact

NARANJA Stilt- and Streettheater – Winner Award Best Walkact

​NARANJA – Winner Award Best Walkact

We are very happy to have received the Freiburger Leiter during the 30th Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg with our stilt and streetheater production NARANJA. Naranja celebrates exuberant female sensuality and its magical power.

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Fresh and fruity, sweet and juicy, slightly sour, playfully cheeky and seductively sensual. Colourfully energetic and bulging with joy, festively smelling oranges, that is Naranja!

The orange vendor has dunned her best dress. Today she has very special oranges on offer: two of her breed “Orange de Luxe”. For centuries she worked on them and the result is accordingly: a variety of oranges of 1 m 70 cm in diameter! Who offers more?

From the outside round and cheerful, but wait until – once sold – they open their orange peel. From the inside, this particular sort surprises with the sensuality of an oversized fruit.

Have a bite!

Yes, cheeky they all are, the saleswoman and her breed. They swirl over the terrain and make a celebration of everything, enchanting their audience with their contagious summery scent and looks. With Naranja, there’s no need to be afraid of bad weather!

You want to enjoy NARANJA on your festival or event? Click here to place an option.

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