STILTLIFE StreeTTheater,

STILTLIFE StreeTTheater,

Mobile streettheater for impressive and intimate moments in the public space.

STILTLIFE StreeTTheater creates professional street theater for public- and business events. We create spectacular, monumental images and therefore work often, but not exclusively, with stilts. Another way how we make impressive images is with LIGHT. Costumes with a cutting edge LED technology are our specialty. Take a look at our different walkacts productions here.

And why do we work with these spectacular images and technology?

It is about the openness and sense of wonder we know from our children. And the magic that can be found in life. We are convinced that through the experience we create with our acts, we can give you a moment of happiness. By wondering we want to remind you that these unexpected moments of happiness exist. Not far away, but very close. You can discover them yourself everywhere, and we give a little help. Those moments give you new impulses, they are full of energy. Unforgettable moments for you and your audience. Click here for some short videos of our productions

But how does that really work?

We make real contact and tempt you to go on a little trip with us. And as with all travelers, when you return, you will view the world from a slightly different perspective. We do this not only with our amazing costumes but also through our humor, theatrical insight, passion and perseverance. With more than 30 years of experience in theater, we take the bottom line to give you a unique moment. This is reflected not only in the reactions of our audience, but also in the recognition from the field. Here you will find a number of reactions and prizes and awards that we have received in recent years.

Where can you meet us to experience it yourself?

The best is obviously to see for yourself what we mean, experience it for yourself. We play our productions 70 to 80 times a year on private and public occasions, at festivals and events, in the Netherlands and abroad. Here you can find the places where we play our mobile street theater for impressive and intimate moments in the public space.

Nothing in your area? Then you’ll have to book us! πŸ™‚ Take a good look at our productions and take a free option here.