In the making – EARTH

Street theatre is interactive and, in our view, represents the need to bring the transformative power of theatre out into the public space. Street theatre is also inclusive; we provide opportunities for people who are otherwise less likely to access it to participate in theatre.

EARTH – Encouraging and celebrating the Spirit of Community, Streettheater to move, 20-25 min, OUTdoor. 

Performance on fixed spot for 500+ audience, with 5 performers, 4 on high stils (1,30 m) and one dancer, music and active audience participation (ca 30-50 persons per show) 

STILTLIFE’s performance EARTH is a visual story centered on the experience of the audience, the participants. Through artistical interventions EARTH searches for new connections between the performers and the participating audience and the public space in which they find themselves.

In our individualised society, the sense of community is increasingly in danger of eroding. Corona has further accelerated this process. The increasing polarisation in our society is worrying and may ultimately endanger our democracy. (Re)creating connections between people seems to us an increasingly important and central task of art and culture. We believe that the urban public space is the ideal place to foster a sense of community. And that is exactly what we try to achieve with our admittedly limited resources: with theatre that implies a shared, powerful experience.