DRUNK PUNCH LOVE – Comedy on Stilts

DRUNK PUNCH LOVE – Comedy on Stilts

!Careful! Are you looking for fun decoration for your festival site? Then it’s time to drop out now … But wait! You love surprising theater with a double layer and a good portion of comedy! In any case, you are looking for interaction and emotion for your audience. And you like it when people are put on the wrong track for a moment. Then of course you take the time to read more about DRUNK PUNCH LOVE – Comedy on stilts

Pure comedy and a crazy production with a double layer, that is DRUNK PUNCH LOVE. Hilarious, weird, direct and very interactive. A production that challenges your audience and lovingly holds up a mirror to them. Just like life itself. Sometimes very ugly and yet so beautiful! What you do is surrender to it and you experience it. Buckle-up for the ride. 

DRUNK PUNCH LOVE – Something is not quiet right here!

What you see is a gathering of stilt walkers in hallucinating costumes, dancing and singing through the streets. They are cheerful and charming, because they invite everyone to party. Come on join in, cheer-up and have fun!
But wait a minute. After the first smile is put on your face, you take a closer look. All of a sudden you wonder if those stilt walkers are swinging or is it not much more like tottering? Isn’t that happy smile a little hysterical? And is that beautiful lady on those much too high stilts really with child? Something here is not quiet right…?!

Nothing`s what it seems!

Then you suddenly get a proposal from that beautiful lady. The next moment you are moved by an enchanting song that is sung just for you. And you will fall under the spell of an infectious wild dance on high stilts. Once again it proofs, nothing is what it seems.


  • Parade with trio on high stilts (50 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm), short dances to music and interactive performances with song and play
  • See above with 4 and 5 players

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DRUNK PUNCH LOVE has seen its premiere at the Hasseltse Jeneverfessten in 2019. Click here to see where we are going to play next.