CARESS ME – Manticore

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AAI MIJ – Kom het ervaren en laat je betoveren

Come for a magical experience and let yourself be enchanted… by CARESS ME 

Yes! There we can go again..! Sunday 3 April we will be at the Sunday Market in Amsterdam!

Do you dare to enter the labyrinth where an ancient mythical creature lives?
Which choice do you make in the middle of the labyrinth…?

“I thought it was scary! But also very cool.”
“I imagined myself in a David Lynch movie.”
“You must be brave and kind.” (child, 10 years)

Beautiful reactions from visitors to the magical performance CARESS ME.
Sunday April 3 you can experience it for yourself at the Sunday Market!

Entrance: Pay as you like!

Is that what you initially see as dangerous really that dangerous?
Do you judge a book by it`s cover or are you willing to turn the first page?
Do you allow yourself to be touched at the core, do you dare to let your heart speak?
What choices do you make when you find yourself face to face with something strange?


“Can I? Want I? May I? Lots of questions. But then you understand that anything is allowed.”


If you don’t look and just feel and listen, if you let go of biases, and you open up to the unknown.
How do you experience a mythical creature that suddenly stands in front of you..? What
happens inside then? What thoughts come to your mind? Do you take a step forward, do you reach out, do you approach?
Or do you retreat? Enter the labyrinth and get to know yourself a little bettter. What choices do you make in life?


Locatie: Westergas, Amsterdam (Pazzanistraat en Kanaalpromenade, Westergasterrein)
Adres: Pazzanistraat 33, 1014 DB Amsterdam
Tijden markt: 12.00 – 18.00 uur
Speeltijden AAI MIJ:  Doorlopend tijdens de markt 
Entrance: Pay as you like